big butts

Submitted by jr on 8/12/00. ( )

what do you do with all that excess skin around the ear butts with out making the butts to big and why is that a constant promblemn

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Ear Butts

This response submitted by George Roof on 8/12/00. ( )

Just a guess, but are you measuring the distance from the eye pupil to the antler burrs? A lot of times you can have the antlers too close to the eyes and this gives you "extra" skin. Also not measuring the neck correctly can do this. The should be a LITTLE extra there for muscle structuring, but not a lot of slop.

Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 8/12/00. ( )

Way back when I was starting out, I always ordered the most detailed and advanced parts and supplies whenever I mounted anything that was new to me, or when I was having a problem. I would do this until I felt comfortable with that type of specimen, then explore other methods.
In this case, You might want to try a form with that has the earbutts marked. just to make sure that you are positioning them properly.
also, I have a set of foam ear butts for reference(can't remember who sells them). they are handy also. I have 1 forward and 1 back. they will help with both the shape and size of your ears. they are certainly worth the 10 bucks or whatever they cost.

Good Luck

Allred's has 'em

This response submitted by Lance H on 8/13/00. ( )

The foam ear butts can be ordered from Jim Allred's store. I bought a set of bothe forward and the back butts and also use them as reference. A good investment.


This response submitted by JR on 8/13/00. ( )


It's also where the skin goes . . .

This response submitted by Jerry S. on 8/13/00. ( )

Above information is good. I used to have this same problem several years ago until a taxidermist showed me what I was failing to do. When setting the antlers, make sure that there is room on the back of the antler pedicel for the hide to go to the pedicle and then turn up to the antler burr. When mounting, I take a lip tucking tool and pull the hide from the top of the ear butt forward under the antler burr. This lets it lay properly and also does soemthing with about half of the extra hide. Then, on the antler butt itself, I take an upholstery pin and taxi the hide from the base of the butt upward toward the tip of the ear (Yes, I know you can't move it up that far . . . just move it that direction). You'll be surprised at the amount of hide that will move up on the earbutt without changing the shape or size. Hope this helps. Jerry

OK, so I screwed up!

This response submitted by Jerry S. on 8/13/00. ( )

OK, so I didn't proofread first! The part of the sentence that read,"Then, on the antler butt itself, I take an upholstery pin . . ." SHOULD have read, "Then, on the ear butt itself, I take an upholstery pin . . .". Sorry! Jerry S.

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