Scratched Glass Eye Repair

Submitted by Danny Gabbard, Sr. on 8/13/00. ( ) finally happend. In my third year into doing gameheads I finally scratched an eye on a boar I'm mounting.

I was using a dremel in the corner to sand down some apoxie clay...wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and....there it was......a nice scratch in the eye.

Removing the eye.....IS NOT AN OPTION!

So....any suggestions for repair? is about the size of three pinheads.

I appreciate your thoughts.

Danny Gabbard, Sr.
"His" Creations Taxidermy

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Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 8/13/00. ( )

Your results will vary depending on the depth of the scratch, but you might try painting the eye with some clear water resin, or a 2 part gloss--something that's thick enough to fill the scratch and help hide it.
if they are really small(the scratches), they might just "disappear" when you gloss the eye.

If eye removal isn't an option, then those might be your best ways to hide the damage.

Good Luck

Hey Scratch!

This response submitted by Rick on 8/13/00. ( )

Your record is much better than mine! Believe me, I've scratched more than one eye and it surely didn't take me three years to accomplish it. LOL
I usually just paint the eye with a gloss finish such as polytranspar. Have used several different media and all have worked.
One piece of advice... make sure the environment is as dust free as possible. Dust WILL show on the finished eye. Good luck. ...Rick

Try this . . .

This response submitted by Jerry S. on 8/14/00. ( )

Hi Danny, I scratched a deer eye about a month ago but before resoaking and replacing I thought I'd try something (I had the "what have I got to lose" attitude). I took out my dremel tool and found the bit that is about 1/8" thick and about 3/4" around that's made out of a rubber looking material. I lightly polished the scratch with the dremel bit and it took the scratch out but the eye had a dull look where the scratch was. I switched dremel bits to the cone shaped cotton bit and put some jewelers rouge on it (if you use the cardboard wheel knife sharpener jewelers rouge is the white block of compound for the finishing wheel). I lightly polished the scratched area with the cotton bit and you couldn't even tell it had ever been scratched. The only concern I had during this procedure was that the eye may get too hot and crack but it didn't happen for me. Good luck and let me know how it worked for you if you use it. Jerry

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