Detachable Moose Horns

Submitted by Dave on 7/12/00. ( )

I have a customer with a very nice moose, but he wants to have the antlers detachable for transport and handling. Is there a way to have the antlers detachable but still secure when on the wall? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes you can

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 7/12/00. ( )

There are kits made with a sleeve and plunger (male& female) the hardest part is making sure you line it up right before you drill. Mount the skull plate on the form after you drill through the skull into the antler that way you have a hole already lined up before you cut the antlers off. Then you can make the holes larger to accept the male (antler) and female (Skull) parts. Most Supliers sell these
detachable mounting sytems. They work great for transporting or shipping large heads. And the antlers are solid once they are put on the head.

another way

This response submitted by Troy on 7/13/00. ( )

Dave, in the Breakthrough magazine last year there was an article on this. I don't remember who to give the credit to, but this is how he did it. Before cutting off the antlers drill a hole through the skull plate and up into the antler. This hole must be big enough to accept the square tubing of your choice. Then pour some fiberglass resin into the hole. Insert the tubing with tape over the end (to keep the resin out) top off the resin if needed and let it harden. Then cut off the horn at the burr. This will leave a length of square tubing in both the horn and the skull plate. Use another smaller piece of tubing to slide into the one in the skull plate. And there you have it. They will be lined up perfectly this way. If your looking for a way to make them non removable after the customer get's them home and on the wall, just put some glue of some sort in there when there installed, but I wouldn't recomend it. At some point the customer is sure to want to move it here or there.

Good Luck!

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