Antler Staining

Submitted by Marc on 7/12/00. ( )

Ok,I have just finished rebuilding both G-2's, G-4's, and G-5's on a former eight pointer. Now it's a nice twelve, enough about my deceptive work. This set of antlers is completely faded out, but is not showing any cracking yet. I used a neutral color epoxybond to rebuild the newly fabricated tines. On past antler repairs I have used various stain to achieve the desired match. This has always been effective to a certain degree, but never have I tried to completely stain the "whole" set. Should I try staining them like a set of reproduction antlers, as this is what they basically are in theory. Would like to hear from those that have tried this project in the past with sucessful results. Any comments, advise, and product recommendations would be appreciated. I'm willing to try something new. Let's hear it Bill, Dave!? Thanks All. Marc

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Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 7/12/00. ( )

I hate to disappoint, but I really can't think of anything new, innovative, or strange for you to try.

I have to recommend sticking to the time tested staining methods
for reproductions and faded sheds.

try either potassium permanganate or wood stain(I like walnut).Coat the antlers, then buff the tips with steel wool to blend and highlight.

I've never used the PM over all-game before, but it works on reproductions, so I assume it will work with your rack.

Good Luck

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