Hog with a waddle. What now?

Submitted by don on 8/8/00. ( )

I have a big hog to skin out and he has a waddle (dont know what else to call it) on his face. Its as big around as my thumb and twice as long. What can I do about fleshing this thing out? Should I split it from the outside or should I just inject it?

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Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 8/8/00. ( ddt1@bayou.com )

I would call it a wart, mole, or tumor---but that's not really important.
It's some sort of odd growth that would normally not be there.
I would remove it and sew the cut. that would be easiest and make the best looking mount.
Whenever something lke this occurs, I always check with the customer and get their approval. if the customer actually likes this oddity, and wants to keep it, just use your best judgement.
I'd have to actually see it first, but injecting would be easiest, if its really fleshy, you might have to split it, then clean it out and fill it with all game.

Good Luck

Skin Tag

This response submitted by George Roof on 8/8/00. ( georoof@aol )

They're called skin tags and they're caused by the same anomolies that cause them on humans. Usually they have a harder, cartilagenous center. I do what Dave says. I cut them off unless the customer insists on them and I leave them untreated if the customer wants them. They are cartilage and they dry up similar to the adipose fins on trout. I've had some with large tags that could be skinned completely out and I used potter's clay to hold them in place.


This response submitted by matt choate on 8/9/00. ( mbchoate_2000@yahoo.com )

they should be left because when you cut them off eventually the skin will pull apart and crack where the waddle met the skin! this occurence is caused because the boar is mostly from domestic stock and very little wild blood is in him. the best thing to do is to inject the waddle with formaldehyde and let dry! trust me we mount over 300 hog heads a year and we see about 20-30 of these a year!

Spanish hog

This response submitted by Perry on 8/14/00. ( pgk@ncentral.com )

I saw a hunting show on TNN a couple of weeks ago( I believe it was advantage Outdoors)
and they were hunting hogs. On this particular island, they had a
type of hog called a spanish hog which had the tag or waddles. they also
had something funky with their feet which made their tracks different from
other hogs. These hogs are rare and the ranch that has them is trying to breed them.
the hog you have may have decended from that spanish line.

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