Bondo ears buckling

Submitted by O.B.D. on 7/13/00. ( )

Experiencing problems with bondo ears buckleing during the drying process. Have left ears sandwitched between two earliners to keep their shape while drying, but two to three days afterwards the ears buckle about half the time. Is this a mixture problem with the bondo, is the cartlige not prepared properly? Any advise would be most helpful. Thanx.

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This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 7/13/00. ( )

You may be making them too thin for the bondo to hold shape. I prefer earliners but I sub-contract for a huge shop that uses bondo ears on everything. I personally find that I have to over curl the ears back then as they dry they come to the right position. As far as how good they are I did 500 mammal mounts for this shop in 1999 and we used bondo ears on all of them from Cape Buffalo to Arctic fox and it worked for them all, but they are not as thin, strong or smooth appearing as earliners. I am drifting a little sorry, just try cocking them back a little further in the beginning and that amkes all the difference.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 7/13/00. ( )

Try putting the earliners INSIDE the ear next time! Sorry about that, guy, I couldnt resist. All kidding aside, try to use less hardener and the bondo wont heat too hot too quickly and cause that. 500 gameheads last year, huh? Where have I heard that before...

Right on Bill

This response submitted by Old Fart on 7/13/00. ( )

You beat me to it Bill, they definitely work better on the inside. Bondo
makes a great bear rug earliner, but that is it.

Yes 500

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 7/14/00. ( )

I mounted 10 gameheads a week for 50 weeks in 1999 for the studio I sub for. Add it up 500. The problem is that did not even make a dent. The owner is a guide and outfitter in WY, Quebec, and Africa. WOn those trips alone we got 36 caribou, 48 antelope and approx 30 mule deer mounts and that does not include the 100 WT deer, the African work, and the huge exotic business he has. We work out of the Columbus, OH area. The amount of work available out there is enormous.

For those of you keeping score...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 7/14/00. ( )

I received an email from Jim (see above) because of the comment I made about 500 heads in my post. Jim mistook that as a slight against him and felt I was calling him a liar. He now knows, via MY email, that that wasnt the case at all. I did that to kinda rub the number in someone elses face, so to speak, as they had questioned those numbers earlier. I also assured Jim that Id come back and clarify this if needed. Jim got his chance to beat me up alittle and I hope all is well now...Hopefully we got OBD's problem solved, anyway.


This response submitted by Jim L on 7/24/00. ( )

I use Bondo for all my ears and have never had one buckle. I always mix fiberglass strands with it for strength. As for making them thin, if you will take a dowel rod and roll the ear pushing the bondo toward the base you can get a very thin edge this way. Or you could use a roller like the Dandi-noser or a wall paper seam roller and get beautiful looking ears very thin.

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