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Submitted by mark on 8/8/00. ( )

What do you tell a guy who is going on a 10 day wilderness drop hunt fo moose, about caring for thier cape. I usually tell them to follow the animal for 9 days then shoot it. Seriously, if a guy has weight restrictions he can't be carrying 50 lbs of cape salt in with him and since most customers no matter what you tell them will most likely butcher thier first caping project. I am interested if any one has come up with surefire answer to this problem .

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Moose Hunt

This response submitted by George Roof on 8/8/00. ( georoof@aol.com )

Give him several disposable scalpels and tell him to sharpen 2 hunting knives. IF he kills a moose, he's in trouble if he doesn't have help anyway, so giving him the extra chore ain't going to make much difference.

Several years back, I was in a similar situation with elk. No salt. We skinned the animal and I caped it out. We shopped the antlers off with a camp ax and then I took the scalpels and removed all the red meat, split the lips and eye and fleshed it as close as I could. I turned the ears much to the shame of sore fingers for a week. Then I laid it out on the grass in an open meadow and let it air dry. Once that candy coating formed on the hide, the bugs left. I let it dry in the day and put it in the tent at night. I rolled it up, hair in, and stuffed it in a canvas bag the day I left. When I got home, I wet it and folded the skin in. Next morning I salted it. Never had a minutes worth of problems.

I think in Africa the do it that way and the hide is called Flint Hard , but that's Bruce Rittel's bailiwick.

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