How hard is it to learn how to flesh

Submitted by Dan J. on 8/10/00. ( )

Just starting to do bigger and better things.and I'm realising I need to flesh.I asked for advise on doing my first RAM and I caped it out but that sucker is thicker than any whitetail! so I know I have to flesh it but looking for some advice.Like good videos and equipment that is preferred.Thanks for any help or advice.And I'm very thankful for all the people willing to help.

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How hard was it to learn to swim?

This response submitted by George Roof on 8/11/00. ( )

Surely you don't think any of us possess supernatural powers. Half of us aren't smart enough to choose a career that will make us rich.

Fleshing is really rather easy, especially after you've done a few thousand pieces. I suspect, however, you're really talking about shaving a hide since you mentioned the ram being thicker skinned. Shaving also get easier with the better quality machine you own. We all start with skifes and scalpels, or scrapers, or sanders, but a good round knife will reduce to minutes what takes days for the hand tools to accomplish. I have a particular favorite, but only after I had gone through 3 or 4 others and forced myself to "afford" one. On a limited budget, the minifleshers work, but you'll still need a 3hp compressor with a tank to use it.

We all started right where you are. You'll do just fine.

Shaving is easy

This response submitted by T.J. on 8/11/00. ( )

I remember when I was in the same boat, so I bought the mini-flesher because of limited funds. I have know complaints about accept that now that I am going full-time I need a circular cutting flesher. The mini-flesher is perfect for the beginner (if you already have the compressor)who does not have alot of money, but it is noisy, messy, and like George said you need 3hp. I only have 2hp with a good size tank and she runs none stop when I am fleshing. I am thinking about buying the Dakota V for about $600.00. It is about all I can afford and I have not heard anything bad about it, yet?

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