Red Deer Form

Submitted by Bud W on 7/15/00. ( )

Hey ya'll,

Do any of you know of a selection of small red deer manakins? This is one of my own I took in Australia in March. It is a pretty little 6x5 but has a 22"-23" neck. I was at Mel Burtons studio in Kilcoy Queensland and saw some of his mounts in the "roar" position (bugle.) Does anybody have anything stateside other than the standard uprights? I've pored through my catalogue drawers and have come up dry - of course I've been known to stare right at what I'm looking for and not see it.


Bud W

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red deer

This response submitted by craig on 7/16/00. ( )

Gidday mate you done well by the photos i saw,some aussies would kill for what you got congratulations.anyway what i would suggest regards to your form is get a small elk bulgling you might have to shave it a bit but im sure they have 25 inch ones and yours should fit that.then ill get a roaring head and send you one just put it on the elk like a change out.let us know mate.

Research Reds

This response submitted by Gary Pegg Australia on 7/24/00. ( )

Give Research Mannikins a call, they have a complete line of red deer forms sculptured by Mick Doellinger, including a 22 inch (small) Red deer upright model.


This response submitted by Bud W on 7/24/00. ( )

Thanks for the responses Aussies! I had been looking in the 19th edition of Research Mannikins. Found what I needed in the 20th edition. A little extra shave and a small adjustment and I have just what I need.

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