Try this for removing horns

Submitted by Jeff Z. on 8/10/00. ( )

Boiled horns for years then switched to rottting off in trash bags but ohh the odor. Learned this method from friend & slightly changed it. He did not add water to the can. On your next set of horns get a suitable sized plastic drum or trash can, put about 1/2" of water in bottom, place horns into can with the bases down, seal can, let sit for 3-5 days. Horns should pop right off! So far has worked on goats, sheep, oryx, antelope. Just did a sable & the horns popped off by hand in 3 days. Try it.

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what about the smell

This response submitted by mike on 8/11/00. ( )

does it still smell

Of course

This response submitted by Jeff Z. on 8/12/00. ( )

I have an airtight lid on my drum which allows me to keep it
inside with no odor. Once you open the lid its a different
story. I take it outside then open & pop off horns.

What about this...

This response submitted by Lance H on 8/13/00. ( )

I've only daelt with one pronghorn and the customer had already separated the horns fromt he cores, but I have one question about this. Your method relies on decomposition of the goop that binds the horns to the core wheil boiling or heating softens that same goop, allowing the two parts to be separated. How do you go about stopping the decomposition process and eliminating the bacteria that you've propagated in the horn so that it doesn't continue to exist there just waiting to take off when exposed to humidity, etc.? Not trying to be confrontational, just curious about what I see as a potential problem.

Good Question

This response submitted by Jeff Z. on 8/14/00. ( )

After removing the horns from cores I boil the cores in Sal
Soda with a dash of Lysol. While the core is boiling I wash
the horns inside & out with an antibacterial soap. I then
fill the horn with DP & dump out excess. The DP will stick
to the inside since it is still wet. I let the horns & core
dry for about two weeks then put them back on the cores & then
place in storage until ready to mount. Before permantely attaching
the horns I shake out any loose DP, treat horns with a pesticide
& then reattach.

if you ask me

This response submitted by mike on 8/15/00. ( )

sounds like to much time &trouble for me .i tried the boiling with foil and i like it ....its fast and time is money

Boiling with foil?

This response submitted by Tim on 9/3/00. ( )

I have boiled antelope horns before but I don't know what the foil method is. Can someone help me out?

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