Elk Hangers

Submitted by Bruce on 7/17/00. ( )

These are my first elk and I want to make sure they stay on
the wall. I bought two of the moose size Level Rite hangers. 1) What size screws do I use to anchor the hanger to the form,
and what size screw or lag bolt does my customer need to
hang them on the wall? Thanks.

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Hanging the mount!

This response submitted by Steve Steinbring on 7/17/00. ( nsc@netrus.net )


I am not familiar with the hangers that you refer to, but I do have experience in hanging heavy items like mirrors. I would purchase screws that fit the holes of the hangers properly in diameter and about 3/4 to 1" in length. For added strength put a small amount of epoxy glue on the threads of the screws to lock them into the wood when installing the hangers. I usually use mirror hangers on most heavy items that I hang with 3 screws per hanger for strength. Since the mount is heavy you should suggest to your customer to find a stud if possible to hang from if on an interior wall. If a stud doesn't provide position toggle bolts on drywall/plastered walls will work well. Be sure to use a good sized steel hook on the wall side of the attachment. Tapcons work very well on concrete block or solid wall surfaces to attach the hanging hooks. Hope this helps.

good hanger

This response submitted by Doug Sinniger on 7/17/00. ( )

Steve I use the same hangers in various sizes on all my gameheads and wallhung lifesize mounts.I prefer to bondo a 2 x6 aprox. 5 or 6in. long to the top of the form below where you stapled the hair.Atach with 2 sheetrock screws to hold in place while bondo sets.(do this after the animal is mounted and before you take him off of stand)I do this as a spacer and for added strength.Predrill holes through 2 x 6.I use bolts 3/16 to 1/4 x 3 1/2 in length to attach hanger.Cut 2, 2 x 4 x 4in. blocks to screw to bottem of form above the hair line.The hair will cover the gap between the form and the wall.This will give you a cleaner looking mount, no hair to tuck in around sides of the form.I use the same bolts to hang the head that where used on the hanger.For very large elk and moose go to a 5/16 or 3/8in. x 4in. bolt.Only hang on a stud or ply-backed wall(trophy rooms).On large gameheads the weight is out away from the wall creating alot of torque I wouldn't trust sheetrock if it is a big elk.I do this with all my gameheads(deer use 3/4 in. ply for spacers).


This response submitted by Doug Sinniger on 7/17/00. ( )

Woops I ment Bruce not Steve.

Heres a little secret...

This response submitted by Perry on 7/17/00. ( pgk@ncentral.com )

For elk and moose I use a hanger sold by Research Mannikins.
I believe the number is s-330. It has 4 holes for screws which
I use 8x3/4 wood screws. I attach the hanger so the bottom of the
tear drop sits above the back of the mannikin. I do this
because you can groom up over the hanger. this also allows you
to part the hair and find the hole when hanging the head. Only
hang the head from a stud or solid wood. To hang the heads I
use a #8 1 1/2 inch sheet metal screw. you can also put a second
screw through the tear drop hole after it is hung to secure the
head for added insurance. My customers love this method once they
see how it works and how easy it is for them to hang large heads.
two people work best, but it is possible for one person to hang
a large head. I use the s-220 on caribou


This response submitted by Bruce on 7/18/00. ( )

Thanks for the tips. I am going to
add the blocks of wood to the back of the form.
That way I will have more wood for the lag screws
to bite into. Thanks again!

Before you go to great lengths,try this

This response submitted by CHUCK on 7/19/00. ( Chuckcnctaxi@aol.com )

Bruce,call up WASCO and order a dozen or so "NOOSE"hangers,one can support a lot of weight .You drill a 1 1/4 hole with a speed bit(butterfly bit )into the back of the form,then attach the hanger with #6 x 2 screws each half of the hanger can take 4 screws to attach it.Each hanger is solid steel and cost only $ o.75 and you can break them in half to hang a deer mount with plenty of support. In the wall you can use a heavy deck screw ,this should support an elk with NO PROBLEM.Its what I use and its so simple to do.I wouldn't use anything else .

Wow, I must know the best-kept secret...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 7/22/00. ( )

Havent any of you used Gary Bowen's hangers? I can hang an AK moose, any of the larger african game, etc. and it works great on the McKenzie wall pedestal, too. The hanger is off-set and is a breeze to get a nail to go through, all the way up to the big lag screws that the larger stuff requirers. They also have 2 pads to keep the mount from creeping. For what its worth, Im always amazed at the crappy hanging systems I find on the back of mounts at shows, too. Good luck to you all, and try those Bowen hangers...or watch out below!

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