Reproducing velvet for caribou

Submitted by Kevin Elfrink on 8/28/00. ( )

I am just back from a trip to Canada with two stripped Caribou racks.
Due to the length of the trip, temps, etc., I didn't think there was
much chance of doing a good job preserving the natural velvet, so I
opted to clean the antlers and get them dryed out as quickly as
possible. I have gotten the impression that flocking may not give
real good results. Is this accurate? What are some other options?
I know about the service Research offers. Thanks!

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This response submitted by gregg on 8/28/00. ( )

I recently had a caribou rack done from Research. Got quick service and the customer was very pleased with it. While the artificial velvet isnt perfect when put next to mother nature it is one way to get the velvet "look"

Actually, the flocking is........

This response submitted by Lars on 8/28/00. ( )

too perfect and even. But I send them to Research any way. It's the only chance of having velvet again. You can "improve" the process by adding Viens with hot glue, and really "bulging out" the pulpy tips with your favorite epoxy putty. Then, a little creative air-brushing, when they return, and it looks even better.

flocking gun?

This response submitted by Kevin on 8/29/00. ( )

Actually, what I was wondering, is if anyone has had good results
with the flocking guns sold by several supply houses. Is it difficult
or impossible to get good results? I read a post in which someone
suggested using paint as adhesive.

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