Tip # 2

Submitted by Woody on 8/21/00. ( wc55@hemc.net )

George is a hard act to follow but here's one that might help somebody. ---A few years back we were having a tough time keeping on schedule. We were depending on Mother Nature and room temperature to get our mounts dry so they could be completed. With a large volume - that don't always work out so good. ---- We built a large insulated drying box (5 ft. high 4 ft.long and 3 ft. wide.) With full front double doors. It's amazing how much you can hang inside a box that size. (Up to 8 heads) or 1 Elk and 4 heads. We lined the inside with one inch thick foam and covered that with aluminum sheeting. Total cost about $200.00 including the heater. We heat it with a small thermostat controled heater from Wal Mart. If you try it-- make sure the heater has a fan. ----Best investment we ever made and takes up very little space.

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Exact Measurements

This response submitted by Woody on 8/21/00. ( wc55@hemc.net )

Exact measurements of the box is -- 72 inches long by 68 inches high by 42 wide. When I placed the message above, I was at home and guessed at the size.

Air conditioning

This response submitted by Rick on 8/22/00. ( )

I air conditioned my shop this summer and only set it on recirculate. ( I don't cool the outside air, but the air in the room) It's amazing how fast things dry in there now!

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