how do i get the hair to raise up on a havilina and stay

Submitted by aaron on 7/20/00. ( )

need help on geting the hair to stay up on the back of a havalina havent mounted it yet if anyone can help it will be aprecated


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This response submitted by Jeff Z. on 7/20/00. ( )

After you have completed the mount back brush the hair or in other
words, brush it forward toward the nose, then sprinkle sawdust into
the hair. This will cause the hair to dry in an upright position.
When doing the finish work simply blow out the sawdust with compressed
air. Good luck.

Another tip...

This response submitted by Bob Mead on 7/20/00. ( )

You can also place your mount in a position where gravity will help keep the hair up...on a lifesize, simply turn the mount upside down (belly up). Hold your mounting board up with the edge of a table, bench, etc, then back brush the hair daily for several days. On a shoulder mount, point the peccary's snout to the floor and back brush the hair. This, in conjunction with the sawdust filler, should give you good results.

Good Luck!


This response submitted by Joe on 7/21/00. ( )

If the sawdust is too messy, you mught want to try a couple of men's hair combs (the long skinny ones, really cheap at drug stores). Brush hair up then insert combs from each side through mane. They will hold hair standing until dry.

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