Elk antlers in velvet

Submitted by Dakota on 8/22/00. ( )

My wife shot an elk during a depridation hunt last week and I have preserved the velvet and all is great except 2" above the antler bur smells. All the rest doesnt. Is there anything I can do to get rid of that smell or another procedure i can do to eliminate it.

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This response submitted by George Roof on 8/23/00. ( georoof@aol.com )

I'd have answered you direct had you left an address, but here goes. Call Steve Steinbring at Newton Supply and ask him for his creosote based "Bug Out" formula. It totally eliminates the putrid smell almost immediately and protects it form bugs.


This response submitted by Chris Cass on 8/23/00. ( casser@ticon.net )


What did you use to preserve the velvet? Iam looking for help for some whitetail racks. I was thinking of freeze drying, but I am not sure. Just looking for suggesstions.

Thanks in advance.


Velvete preserve

This response submitted by Tim on 9/4/00. ( Rdjrnr@aol.com )

Chris I have some stuff that is called "Velvet tan." I didn't get to use it this year (I only do mine and freinds animals) so I'm not up on the details of application, but if I remember correctly you use a paintbrush and soak all the velvet. The only thing I cant remember or not is if you have to inject it like formaldahyde. But it does not have that terrible smell like formaldahyde.

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