cleaning the white area on pronghorn moung

Submitted by Blake Olson on 8/30/00. ( )

I had a pronghorn shoulder mount done by a taxidermist that was not very careful in regards to keeping the white area on the neck and shoulders clean and white. These areas have always had a dark tint to them that the animal did not have. Is there any way to restore these coarse hairs to their original whiteness.

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Wipe it clean

This response submitted by Kristoph on 8/30/00. ( skinme2@ao; )

There's alot of good cleansers available that will do the trick. Try a mild detergent on a soft cloth and being very careful not to break hair rub with the lay of the fur. If that doesn't do it, try a stronger cleaner, one of my favorites that I remove "rust" stains from sea ducks and snow geese is available at the grocery store in the detergent aisle, it's called WINK and comes in a small bottle

Several Things I do

This response submitted by Dave on 8/30/00. ( )

I cleaned up one antelope that I did not mount! I used lacquer thinner on a rag.... the problem was tanning oil coming back through the skin. I also sit all my antelope in the sun for a day .... the sun whitens many spots (learned this when we were in the drycleaning business) I have even applied a little white airbrush paint on one that I refurbished!

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