I Need Shipping Information!

Submitted by Dave on 8/30/00. ( dlongacr@gwtc.net )

First......... thanks to all you guys for info!
I have shipped a few deer heads... I built the box out of 7/16 waferboard, 2x2s, sheetrock screws. I had to drive to the city and ship by truck... very expensive (in my eyes)!

My question is... How do some of you build the boxes? How much extra do you charge? How do you ship the boxes? I need the info for deer, antelope, and elk! Oh.. Yes, and Elk horn mounts!

Thanks in advance... Dave in South Dakota (now the land of fire)

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This response submitted by Jerry S. on 8/31/00. ( jds@dhc.net )

I build my crates out of 1/4" interior plywood (luaun - about $9.00 per 4x8 sheet at Lowe's) and 1x2 framework put together with nails (air nailgun) and glue. I've sat down and figured out how to take the minimum INSIDE dimensions and look at a chart I made and cut out all pieces to go together. This saves me having to calculate the materials each time I need a crate made. I can design, cut out and put together a crate in about 30 minutes. I've shipped all over the US and have never had any problems with the crating. The mount is screwed to the inside of one of the walls with several screws from outside the crate. No packing material is used but I will take one 1/2, drill a hole in it where it can slide down over an antler tine, and screw each end of the 1x2 to the sides of the crate. There is absolutely no movement of the mount inside the box. I usually charge $40.00 for a shipping crate (deer size) plus the cost of shipping. I recently shipped a fallow deer mount by Central Freight lines and discovered that when it gets to the other end, they charge $43.00 to deliver it from the dock to the customer's house! If the customer goes to get it at the dock, they charge $23.00 just to CALL HIM to let him know that it's there! What a ripoff! I need to be in the calling business! Jerry

Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 8/31/00. ( mastertaxidermist@jam.rr.com )

UPS has a maximum package size of 130 inches(length and girth)
most deer heads can make it, but big racks will need to go by truck.

If it'll go ups, then buy a box from U-haul--they have a "closet box that comes with a removable clothes bar. you pay about 12.00 for it, and can adjust the height to fit you mount. I build a 1x2 frame inside the box ---I find this to be much faster to make, while still ofering good protection to the mount.

Good Luck

cheap crates

This response submitted by Bob on 9/10/00. ( )

I have shipped hundreds of deer and elk. Go to glass shops for windshield boxes. They can easily cut to fit most deer. Use at least 3 1x2 pieces of wood with 4inch pieces of plywood screwed on the end as braces to keep the box from being crushed. a screw and washer on the outside of the box keeps the brace in place. For elk, Get roofing pallets, screw the elk to the pallet and build a frame around it with 1x4s. Protect all vital areas with wood , the top is covered with cardboard, the sides with CLEAR plastic. If truckers can see the elk inside, they treat it with extra care. I have not had a claim in almost 10 years. The crates cost about 15 dollars to build.

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