degreasing problem persists

Submitted by jeff on 8/31/00. ( )

Problem with bear skulls. I've just did two very large black bear skulls and am having a degreasing problem. Boiled and cleaned with sal soda. Let soak for 10 days in polytranspar degreaser. Rinsed good and dry, results, still dark areas of grease. Next, i put in bollman's grease buster for 24 hours. Rinsed, and dried with still alot of grease. Next i tried to reboil them for about a half hour, rinsed and dried. Still have some gray and almost black areas at base of skull. I once had tried acetone but really do not like using it even though i had better results. It is too volitle and must be done outside. Anyone else have any suggestions or had a similar problem and found an answer. Are there any degreasers that will work in less than a week? Thanks for any suggestions. Jeff

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This one works on Whale bones!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/1/00. ( )

I hate to sound like a salesman - which i am - but we recently sold our Super Solvent (a degreaser) to the New Bedford Whaling Museum to degrease their Whale bones - and they were extremely pleased with the results! In fact, we sold 3 55 Gl. Drums of it! It's an excellent bone degreaser! I can only suggest you try it! Its a Rittels product # SS-618!


This response submitted by mike on 9/2/00. ( )

I have used alot of different degreaser's over the past few years and Rittel has the best on the market that I have found and I mount a lot bears, and coons etc. each year. Also you might want to contact Bruce on some of the other products he has to offer. I have had very good sucess with his products. Keep up the good work Bruce!

Coleman Fuel

This response submitted by Headhanger on 9/4/00. ( )


I use Coleman Fuel for degreasing my skulls. Although I have never degreased a black bear skull, this procedure works very well on bobcats, coyotes & fox. I soak the skulls for two weeks (away from my shop) then soak in 'Dawn' dish soap for a couple of hours, rinse and whiten. Good luck.


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