1/2 deer mount

Submitted by Shannon Poirier on 7/23/00. ( )

When doing a 1/2 deer mount do I skin the frount legs out like turing a sock inside out or do I need to cut down the legs. Also how do I cut the hooves off. Thank you for any info.

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Dave Says

This response submitted by Dave Taylor on 7/23/00. ( ddt1@bayou.com )

I recommend that you cut down the back of the legs. if you don't, you'll probably have the cut the form the get the head on.
Also, by cutting the legs, you can use the short incision on the head instead of cutting down the back of the neck.
The Hoofs are just a big toenail, cut it loose at the last joint like you would other animals.(once you get to it, you should be able to see what to do)

good Luck

And I will add

This response submitted by Linda on 7/23/00. ( lcline@win.bright.net )

Another reason to split the skin is that the hooves are bigger than the leg so you won't be able to just peel the skin down.When you go to mount, sew the leg back up from the inside only to just beyond the "knee" or you won't be able ot get the skin back over the form. Have a good time

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