Hide Paste

Submitted by Joe on 8/24/00. ( awtaxidermy@hotmail.com )

Just curious but I"d like to see some different recipes for hide paste from some of you. I mix Jonas Bros. hide paste with yellow dextrine and whiting and it works great but the Jonas powder paste is getting expensive to buy and ship. Thanks from the bottom of my paste bucket!

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another archive job

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 8/24/00. ( )

Joe, check the archives, I also asked this same question a few months ago, and got some good feedback. In fact, John Wood out in Texas even sent me some good stuff!

My recipe.

This response submitted by Todd B on 8/24/00. ( trigger@indy.net )

Step 1. Get the 1-800 number to Buckeye Manikins.
Step 2. order Buckeye Supreme hidepaste.
Works great and is already mixed.

Todd B

Inexpensive recipe

This response submitted by Mark C on 8/25/00. ( srceight@novagate.com )

First get connected like Bill, then someone will send you free stuff also. LOL. Sorry Bill had to say it, you get all the free stuff.
Seriously though, (and mind you I'm no expert) I like to use the Sallie Dahmes hide paste from WASCO. I think the powder form is pretty cheap and does a good job. I have also used something from a recent posting here called Henry's 663. You can get it at Lowe's for $34.00/4 gallon bucket(much cheaper than Buckeye). It is an indoor/outdoor carpet adhesive with a cream color, has super tack(very little pinning) and acts allot like the other good hide pastes.
Hope this helps

The Secret is Out

This response submitted by John Wood on 8/25/00. ( amerwild@tx.freei.net )

Thanks Bill,
Yes the secret is out now. For all of you that wish to use a great dextrine based hide paste here is a grand recepie that I have come up with after experimenting with several different products. The key is to have the right dextrine. I was unaware until I started searching a few years ago that there are many different kinds of yellow dextrine. The best I've found is available from Cerestar USA, Inc in Hammond, Indiana. The catch is they only sell it in bulk so you must purchase a minimum of 100 lbs. the product # is 171PSC.
5 parts dextrine
1 part hi-fiber
1 part clay flour
Mix these ingredients dry in a large container (5 gallon). In a 1 gallon bucket add 20 oz. water, 1 capful Lysol concentrate. Using a paint mixer in a drill motor mix in the dry mixture until it is the consisteny of very thick peanut butter.
This is the paste I use for everything in our shop from Bobcats to Buffalo, it can be modified by adding other ingredients for specific applications.
I have made a compilation of all my research for a copy, send $5 to;
The information can give you the benefit of 6 years of trial and error reasearch. There's more to water-based hide paste than most would think. Yes this is a comercial, I'm trying to raise money for an Alaskan fishing trip. A guy's got to have some recreation after all this hard work!

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