Wall Pedestal mount

Submitted by S. Poirier on 7/24/00. ( )

When doing a wall pedestal or a regular pedestal mount do you need more hide than a regular wall mount? Thank you for your help.

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This response submitted by bill on 7/25/00. ( protaxidermist@aol.com )

You tend to have alittle more back skin because of the contor of the form but it is very minimal so you should have no problem using any good cape for a pedistal mount, besides most capes are cut alittle long anyway.


This response submitted by Aaron L. on 7/27/00. ( aj@mtneer.net )

If you do your own capes it is sometimes a good idea to leave the cape a little long. The show side of a wall pedestal will often require a little mor hide. You can always cut the extra later if you don't need it. My own view is that you can get away with too much, but it is very hard to deal with too little.( Somehow I don't think I ever heard of any Chinese philosophers using that one....)

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