Attention Australian Taxidermists

Submitted by Gary Pegg Australia on 7/25/00. ( )

Interested in improving the quality of your game mounts,improving your turn around time,increasing your production and making more $$$$?
You'd be mad if your weren't !
So why not call and receive our latest list of game head and lifesize forms sculptured by the team at Reserch Mannikins and Australias Mick Doellinger.
We have the latest in RED , Chital, Fallow , Sambar, Rusa and Hog Deer, in shoulder and lifesize models.We also have a good stock of eyes for all these species
So e-mail us or give us a call on 3-94662687, talk to Marnie and well send you a price list.
Gary Pegg
South Pacific Taxidermy

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need info on sambar&rusa forms available

This response submitted by andrew on 8/9/00. ( )

need referance photos and shoulder forms for sambar and rusa?
infact advise on your catalouge.

yours andy

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