Bill Yox please read.

Submitted by Todd B on 7/25/00. ( )

I do not mean to sound stupid but I was in your seminar at the I.G.T.
and I was the only one who raised my hand when you asked if we all knew
the correct direction a deer eye should be put in the mannikin. I hope
I can explain my question to you correctly. You handed out some of the Eppley eyes
and one side of the eye shows more white than the other if I am correct.
What I need to know is which way they go into the mannikin. I am not
a deerhead guy as much as I am a fish guy so I would appreciate your help.
You told us at the seminar but it slipped my mind.

Thanks alot,
Todd B

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Hi Todd

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 7/25/00. ( )

Geez, Todd. Many folks will tell you that you MUST be stupid to be in one of MY seminars! That theres humor, guys...Anywho, look at the eye, it has a steep shape in FRONT and a less or tapered shape to the back. The general shape of an eye bulges towards the front. Hope that helps you Todd. I told you guys I thought you were all looking for a place to snooze after dinner, and mine was the only quite seminar! Oh, by the way, I'll bet that nail joke is what screwed you up,

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