Elk Cape Measurement ?

Submitted by Rhonda on 9/2/00. ( ladyredwing@gbso.net )

Have a old set of Elk antlers that measure 8in around the pedicel and 5in from (inside) burr to burr, need to find out what size cape i would need for them .thanks for any advice Rhonda

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This response submitted by Richard Gensch on 9/4/00. ( buckhorntaxric@aol.com )

I would try to get a large elk cape, 32" neck, so that the main beams will have enough room to clear the wall.You might get a smaller cape to fit around the burrs but you will not have the legnth of the neck to clear the wall.If the main beams are long you might want to consider a sneak postion to give you a little more wall clearence.Good luck. Rich

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