Anyone know of a nice pedastal form for bear?

Submitted by Denise on 9/7/00. ( )

I am looking for a nice pedastal form for a bear shoulder mount. Does anyone have any suggestions.


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Bear pedestal

This response submitted by mike d on 9/7/00. ( )

I do not know of any ready made bear pedestals; their may be
some, but I've always made my own.
You can extend the shoulder forms by stapling waxed cardboard
around them and pouring foam into the back; when the foam sets
up, remove the cardboard and rasp to the desired contours.
You can inlet a piece of plywood into the form wherever you
like for fastening.
Good luck


This response submitted by deerwoman on 9/7/00. ( )

Jonas has 2 bear pedestal forms.

Im pretty sure...

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 9/8/00. ( )

Mike Gillis did some with Dennis Behn for McKenzie Supply, too.

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