antelope glands?

Submitted by kelly on 9/2/00. ( )

i havnt mntd a antelope yet and im wondering what the gland is i have to remove .where its at,what to look for.i formic acid pickle,shave with round knife and tan with liqua tan.any extra steps or precautions i should take.all the talk about how tricky antelope are has me a little nervous.thanks


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goat glands

This response submitted by joe on 9/3/00. ( )

I mount alot of goats-antelope- but I send all my capes out to a tannery so I don"t tan any myself. The glands on a male goat are the black cheek patch on either side of the face a few inches below the ears and just behind the bottom jaw. When I"m prepping and fleshing a goat cape and come to the gland I make a criss cross pattern with my scalpel down into the gland so the salt gets in there and the hair doesn"t slip. Be sure to rub the salt in real good. That"s it. I would say when wheel fleshing for tanning just shave as usual. Antelope have larger hollow hair and seem to slip alot easier I think because it"s always hot when hunting them and hunters don"t take care of them as quick as they should.


This response submitted by Duane on 9/4/00. ( )

I flesh that gland tell I don't see it any more when you start fleshing the gland you will beable to see the gland shave it tell you don't see it. if not the mount could get stink. good Luck Kelly

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