What do I do about my bear skull?

Submitted by Patrick on 9/8/00. ( jaquo4@aol.com )

I recently had the honor of taking a fine bruin and want to preserve the skull. I'm trying to find out if boiling the skull is a must? I hope it's not to late because I took it to a place and they had beetles that took care of everything. My problem now is that the cheek bone area and several other areas are cracking. I was told to put the skull into a bucket of powdered bleech. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Does this sound like a project for a professional?

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 9/8/00. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

If your head was already cleaned by bugs you shouldn't have to do anything else. But your claiming that it's cracking, it may have been bleached already. Sounds like it may have been to much.
If you bleach it more it will weaken the skull and you will have a ton of more troubles.
Get in contact with the person who did this and ask him what he did to the skull and explain to him that it's cracking. He should be able to tell you what his process is and what he did to it after the bugs ate it. Then he should be able to correct this matter of cracking.

Cracks or joints?

This response submitted by Bob on 9/8/00. ( )

Are the cracks in the actual bone, or are they between the bones. On young animals the many bones that make up the skull may not be fused yet. If the crack is between these bones then you can use glue to hold the bones together.

ahhh, yes

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 9/8/00. ( )

Remember when we used to refer questions like this to the archives? Patrick, you know, Frank and Bob gave you some good ideas, and let me offer another. Try the archives here on this forum, theres a ton of posts explaining every aspect of bleaching skulls, you will get many different opinions that way as well. I say this in fun, but you could also wait about a week, someone else will ask this all over again. Alittle humor there, boys, dont jump on me! Good luck with that skull.

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