Velvet Antlers?

Submitted by pse141 on 9/12/00. ( )

I have tried different method of keeping the velvet on antlers.
Ive tried the soaking method, freeze drying and formeldahyde injection.
Im wondering if theres another way. I really like the freeze drying but
I just move so I do not have accsess to the dryer. The rack I have to mount is
about 75% in velvet.

Tanks pse141

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This response submitted by Bill Yox on 9/12/00. ( )

Are you just goofing around with us? Hell, I cant even suggest the archives on this one, because theres about 5 different posts on this subject in the last week! Theyre not even old enough to be in the archives yet! Scroll! That means to go back a few posts or so. Seriously, read those postings from last week, you SHOULD be able to pick up the names of others who freeze dry antlers. If you ask how to box them to send, Im sure the post on sending capes (last week) should keep you from using the archives again.

What kind of name is PSE141?

This response submitted by John Wood on 9/13/00. ( )

Do you have a real given name or are you a some sort of geneticly engineered clone that doesn't have parents? If you do have parents you ought to slap them around for giving you a name like pse141.

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