How to get blood stains off of velvet stripped antlers?

Submitted by Leroy p on 9/21/00. ( )

I have stripped the velvet from some caribou antlers,and they have seeped blood. Now they are red stained. How can i clean them up?

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Time to use a Blood-Eater product!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/21/00. ( )

A good Blood-Eater product would clean up the blood - but you would need the abilty to soak them in the solution. If thats possible - then I'd recommend using our Rittels Blood-Eater (BE-639) product. Mix your solution using 4 Tablespoonfuls of BE-639 to every 5 Gallons of water needed and soak the antlers for 24 hours. Dont panic when you see the water turn blood-red! Its encapsulating the blood protein and drawing it into the solution. It will easily rinse away later. Use a new solution for each treatment - if you can only soak 1 antler at a time.

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