? for Bruce concerning caribou antlers

Submitted by Tom K on 9/21/00. ( dianne98@alltel.net )

Bruce.....I recieved the preserve-it you sent but I have a couple of Questions before I start on those velvet antlers........I,m going to make a large batch of the mixture you told me to mix..........When I soak the antlers in the solution.and they bloody it up will that be OK? or do I need to bleed them first before puting them in the mix.And........Can I keep useing the same batch over again( I have 8 sets to do)I,m clear on your other instructions................Thanx a Million.......Tom

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Don't reuse the solution!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/22/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

Don't reuse the solution! For cleanliness - You would be better off flushing out the blood and other fluids first, then soaking them all in the same solution at once. If you cant do all of them in one solution, then try to do 2 at a time per each solution. If you use the solution for one (or two at a time), you will have depleted some of the PI-641, so that it will be weak when you try putting in the next set or sets. So, I highly recommend a new solution for each batch you soak. Also - rinse the antlers thoroughly when they are removed from the solution and hung to dry. You want to dry them free of any residual debris from the solution.

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