caribou antlers ,next ?

Submitted by kely on 9/22/00. ( )

just got back from caribouing ,what a great time.i stripped the velvet off right away and through them in the lake for 4 days pulled them out and they were bone white.on the way home they bled some more.i resoaked when i got home and seemed to help, i just read in another forum on what chemical to use to finish this process,thanks for that,mynext question is what next?ive heard you need to seal the antlers and then stain.if so what should i use to seal them and what should i use to stain them.would thinned down laquer paints work. thank youand i hope to see canada again soon,big bulls and tasty lake trout.

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Antler Stain #1 by Knoblochs

This response submitted by Mark on 9/25/00. ( )

We blend a stain that will work great and will match up great
for color. This will be a bit on the red tint. Antler Stain
#1 is already made up in a liquid form, you may even thin a
little with water. Just use a rag and wipe on a little at a
time. Just contact one of our many dealers and ask for it.


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