Warthog cape split from lower lip?

Submitted by Don Sherpy on 9/18/00. ( )

I received a Warthog that was tanned in South Africa. The cape is split from the lower lip down the neck and chest. Is this normal? I asume I should sew it up as much as I can so I can slide it on the form and then fill the seem after it dries. This thing is so ugly it will be hard to screw it up. Is this normal for a warthog and any suggestions would be a help. Thanks!

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Warthog Woes

This response submitted by Swampy on 9/18/00. ( ken.wampner@noaa.gov )


Some people just have no idea what the back of the neck is for when it comes to taxidermy. I recieved one like this...along with two fist sized holes in it. What I did was sew it up before I mounted it. Slipped it over the form...then when it was dry I used apoxy clay on it. The clay dries real dull and matches the texture of the skin. To get the wrinkles and all that good stuff reproduced in the apoxy clay is this way. While the skin is drying...brush on about a one eigth thick layer of chicago latex rubber and let this dry completely. Then just peel it off and you have a perfect negative of the skin from that area where the damage is done. When I got done with the hog...you had to dang near stand on top of it to see the repair. If you have any more questions...give me a buzz.

ken wampner

Normal Warthogs

This response submitted by J P on 10/3/00. ( )

SWAMPY is wright . Some people have no idea . YES this is normal ! Sometimes they will come split on the side of the face. This is so you can remove the cape from around the tusk . Don, the best way is to sew it with the cape insideout.When you turn it wrightside out you will not see stiches. Just opoxy putty the seam when dry.Be sure to texture putty with paint brush or small wire brush while putty is wet.

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