Help with Moose Antler Mount

Submitted by Scott on 9/23/00. ( )

I need some advise on mounting 43 inch moose antlers. I plan on using the large antler mounting mannikin in WASCO and putting it on a plaque. Should I use lag bolts thru the mannikin or use a nut and bolt? Should I use lag bolts thru the back of the plaque into the mannikin? Last but not least,will the noose hanger be sufficient to hold this on the wall?

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Deck screws

This response submitted by Mark on 9/25/00. ( )

I would use 5 long deck screws and run them through the skull plate and all the way through the back of the mannikin. Then I'd Dremel off the points on the back. About 5 screws, a square and one in the middle should hold it just fine. Then use shorter deck screws through the back of the panel into the mannikin. The noose hanger will be plenty strong for this mount. I'd suggest having a couple of the screws you use to attach the hanger go all the way through the panel and into the mannikin. That way you don't have to over load the back with screws.

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