what t odo t okeep bugs out of deer mounts.

Submitted by John Cash on 9/18/00. ( dollar@townsqr.com )

I have recently gotten two nice deer head (shoulder) mounts back...the paper work that the taxidermists sent says you need to use something (it doesnt say what) to insure that bugs dont get into the mount sometime and eat it up....what do i need to do? i asked the taxidermists husband ( who delivered the second mount ) what to use on them and he said some kind of stuff you spray on horses to keep their coats shining...im not sure he was on the same wave length as me...can you help?/

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Where I'm from

This response submitted by Kristoph on 9/18/00. ( skinme2 2aol.com )

The taxidermist is responsible for treating the hide with a moth proofing agent ie: *Pro-Tec, *Mount-Brite, there's a bunch of them out there and it's just part of the process, I think it ludicrous to put this chore on the customer, but then I don't know many taxidermists that "deliver" mounts unless there's extenuating circumstances such as a large mount or custom base to set up.


This response submitted by Kris on 9/18/00. ( skinme2@aol.com )

that's the right address

I disagree.....

This response submitted by Lars on 9/19/00. ( judithmt@lewistown.net )

Since residule (long lasting) insect retardent has not been used in this country for many years (EPA Ban) everything on the market is only effective a very short life. If you say "it's been Bug proofed" no matter what you use,your mis-leading the customer to think that it's "forever". It is ultimately their job to continually check the mounts for signs of attack and to do a regimented plan to keep the Bugs at bay. However, you should, at least, be able to explain this fact to your customer.

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