Need another way to glue up the earliners

Submitted by Robert Cain on 9/19/00. ( )

I have only mounted two w/t deer. Both for a first timer did not look to bad. My question is . I have a deer mounted by a very seasoned taxidermist, he said that it has a life time qarentee. He also seen a doe I had done some years back that the ears were drumming, he said that his would not do that, what's the serect, I don"t won"t any of mine to do that either. Please help and thank you. Bob

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This response submitted by George Roof on 9/19/00. ( )

I'm going to shock Bill Yox and tell you the most important secret to any of this. Make sure the earliner fits the ear. If it drums before you mount it, no amount of glue is going to guarantee you perfection. Once you get it to fit properly, I use Liquid Fast Set from Epo-Grip. It is real epoxy that bonds permanently to any and all liners in 5 to 7 minutes. Once bonded, if it ain't drummed then, you, too, can guarantee your work for "life".


This response submitted by Bob on 9/19/00. ( )

Thanks for the tip, where do you get the expoxy,Goerge, thanks again Bob

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