Submitted by John on 9/20/00. ( )

First off parden the spelling. What is a Shiras Moose? Would that be the subspecies from Newfondland?
Does anyone carry ref. photos of Moose & Caribou? Not BOOKS but actual ref.
photo booklets for close-ups of eyes ears and nasal passage?
I did check the archieves first. Info please.

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A moose is a moose

This response submitted by Troy Peterson on 9/20/00. ( )

John, A shiras moose is smaller than the yukon moose. We have these moose in Utah where I am from. I believe they also reside in Wyoming and a couple other states. McKenzie Supply sells moose referance pictures, I'm sure there are other supply companies that do also.


This response submitted by JFW on 9/20/00. ( )

Thanks Troy; looked at McKenzie catalog and missed the Moose!

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