Nictating membranes

Submitted by Dan on 1/4/00. ( )

Does anyone know of anyplace where I can but artificial nictating membranes? I have used the real membranes but they seem to shrink a lot. On my last mount I used some eyes that had the nictating membrane molded onto them and they look real nice. However, those eyes cost about twice as much as the eyes I usually buy. I would like to be able to get artificial membranes to use on the more economical eyes.

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Buckeye Mannikins

This response submitted by Craig Rusin on 1/4/00. ( )

Cat # J-95 around $2.00 per pair. 1-800-468-3131. For the real penny pinchers, if you can seperate the pair, then cut them in half again you can get two for the price of one. Of course this depends on the rotation of the eye and how much of this needs to be showing. Always use good reference. My guard is up biLL. LOL

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