front of bottom lips still want to pull down

Submitted by mike on 1/6/00. ( )

i think now my problem is the bottom chin . i flesh pretty thin but still have this problem even if i dont flesh that pulls down and leaves a 1/8 to 3/16 gap between nose and lip. even with pins in it.i preserve my hides with sure cure . is that my prob ????????? o no were else does this happen

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This response submitted by Art on 1/6/00. ( )

How big of a lip slot are you making? Around the front I go pretty deep with my slot but not too wide.
I tuck in the upper skin and come right back with the lower, making sure it is lined up on center.
Then I run pins right in th groove to pull the skin deep into the slot. leave the pins in till dry.
Hope this helps.


This response submitted by Mark on 1/6/00. ( )

If sure cure is a type of dry preserve it is probably your problem .Are you pickling and shaving your hides thin? This also could be a problem. I usually epoxy my lips into place with no problems. I use Rittels ez-100 for my tanning and have little shrinkage. Good luck to you, Mark

Hide tension

This response submitted by Dave on 1/6/00. ( )

Make sure you taxi the skin under lower jaw right. If you are pulling this too tight (back towards neck) it might be causing undue pulling on the lip. If you are taxiing the skin properly, sounds like your chin area is shrinking and pulling the lip away. Thin the hide better, tan the hide and use a quality hide past on the form. Also, are you sanding the form good? You might also try to place a t-pin under the lip although this isn't neccessary if you do the above steps right.


Conbination of problems.

This response submitted by John C on 1/6/00. ( )

In the shows I have judged that is a problem, it happens when the skin is not thin enough, you pull the skin to much toward the back of the jaw, don't use enough hide paste and fail to tend it while drying just a little time 2 or 3 times a day during the first 3 days will probly stop that. SURE CURE has a lot of shrinkage, as does D.P. real tans have a lot less. John C

Super Glue it

This response submitted by Z on 1/6/00. ( )

Put a little roll of critter clay under the lip and tuck in place. Take a dental tool and work a little super glue between lip and nose and work the lip up. You can get the dental tools from some supply company in MN I think its called Head and Butt Supply or something like that.

Front of bottom lips etc.....

This response submitted by Larry on 1/7/00. ( )

To Z:
I know where you live (if you call that living)!!!!!

Try this...

This response submitted by Bill on 1/7/00. ( )

First off, you KNOW what Id say about Sure Cure, and other stuff like it, so...Anyway, dont put clay under the lip, it just adds to the problem. When you cut your lip slot, dont go deep, and keep it tight. Put a good quality adhesive in the slot, and tuck the lip while the LEATHER (hint) is still wet and supple. You might find that you can over tuck SLIGHTLY to compensate for SOME pulling while drying. What often happens is that the hide can pull and distort the foam when it is cut too deep, as the foam density has changed recently. I personally dont pin my lips unless there is alot of damage to hold together there. This will help. Oh, and I dont like Super glue, it breaks down after a bit, try epoxie in its place, it wont dry out the leather and seems more compatible.

thanks alot guys

This response submitted by mike on 1/7/00. ( )

i make a deep slot and it is pulling the form down ...thanks

Just to clarify...

This response submitted by Bill on 1/8/00. ( )

I figured that was the problem, Mike. "Z" emailed me so I thought I might clarify. I do like critter clay, and yes, I dont think super glue holds up as well as epoxies there, especially as it dries out the leather as it cures. But I kinda figured the foam was pulling due to the deep slot, it wasnt a criticism of critter clay, which, by the way is my favorite clay too! Larry, now I know who "Z" is, too. Should have known....hahaha.

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