mt goat horn repair

Submitted by corey on 1/6/00. ( )

i have a mountain goat to do that took
a pretty good fall.the hide is fixed
but one of the horns is half gone.
what is the best way to fix this?
should i try to make a cast off the
other side or just build it w/apoxy
sculpt?thanks for any suggestions!

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Silicone mold from the good side

This response submitted by John C on 1/6/00. ( )

You can use the silicone from a hardware store for this. USE a release agent first. brush it out with your finger. Once dry remove it spray release again in mold and mix WASCO casting resins and pour once it kicks pull it out and put the curve you need in it while its soft, sand seal and paint to match two hour job charge abot $60.00 to repair it. John C

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