Stumped Reveals Identity

Submitted by Jeff Zion on 1/12/00. ( )

Okay Im out of the closet. Check out my webpage & take a look
at the pics. The address is
At the top of the page click on Taxidermy.
This site is no longer current but for some reason it still
comes up. I have deleted the taxidermy on the new site at & gone strictly with my hunting
operation. Let me know what you think of the mounts.
John C. Im sure you will remember our "discussions" on the other
tax. forums. Sorry bout that!

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Jeff I already had fiqured it may be you.

This response submitted by John C on 1/12/00. ( )

Dont you guide hunts any more? Did you realy panic? or where you fishing? I see a few other post here from there too!

Still they advice you received was sound advice. John C

Yes a little

This response submitted by Jeff Z. on 1/12/00. ( )

I assume your referring to my competition about panicking.
I wasnt worried about her at first knowing what her work looked
like, but after the season started & she was taking in more
& more, then I panicked. Next season Im going to do more advertising
& Im currently remodeling my studio, inside & out to attract
more attention. I know the advice was good & hope to receive
more when needed & maybe give some too.


This response submitted by Critter on 1/12/00. ( )

Isn't it amazing what competitors will make us do. The guy or gal down the road can be our best wake up call. We often take for granted that or showroom, mounts, appearance, etc. are just fine til someone new comes around, all of a sudden we open our eyes again. It can be refreshing, I know it causes me to be more aware of things.
But always whether a good or bad competitor never talk down, it will always come back at you. Good luck.

Jeff e-mail me

This response submitted by John C on 1/13/00. ( )

If you will e-mail me, we will chat back and forth to see what we can figure out to help. John C

Close -ups would help...

This response submitted by Craig on 1/13/00. ( )

and with today's technology it probably wouldn't be difficult. I checked out the sight and just saw a few mounted game heads. I am not a judge nor jury of the work you do. For a judge to put his or her eyes 10 inches away from your work, that's the real test. Some people say that ribbons and awards don't pay the bills, but if I go the the doctor, dentist, chiropractor, CPA, or any other professional I expect to see some credentials. If you want to call yourself a professional then walk the walk. Good marketing is what you need. Good Luck

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