Moose Horns

Submitted by Steve on 1/11/00. ( )

How do you prepare the skull plate for a wall mount?(a horn mount) due to their size I can't boil them in a pot, and I do not what to cut them unless I have to, I don't think I will get the strenghth back to hold them up and get them if I screw the onto a piece of plywood and bondo them, making the form is no problem, just the scull plate.

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Use your scalpel more diligently

This response submitted by George Roof on 1/11/00. ( )

Take your time with the scalpel. I've done these and never had to worry about boiling. What very little vestiges of meat remain will dry quickly and will come off easily with a rotary wire brush in your drill..

wash em!

This response submitted by Fritz Carlson on 1/11/00. ( )

The best thing I've found is a hot water pressure washer.A car wash will work as long as the pressure is turned way up.If you have access to a commercial pressure washer it will work better. Be careful and DO NOT get your hands in the way of the washer, it will cut you as well. Wear a rain suit as you are going to get soaked, but it works fantastic. Good luck!


This response submitted by Steve on 1/12/00. ( )

Thanks for the help, I'm going to use both of these methods combined,
Thanks Again!

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