first caribou mount

Submitted by dave on 1/11/00. ( davejona@together )

capes are currently in pickling. all split and turned. now i'm ready to flesh using mini-flesher & larger machine. anything out of the ordinary about process? concerned about the facial areas ! any tips or suggestions ?thanks!

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This response submitted by George Roof on 1/11/00. ( )

Be very CAREFUL with that mini-flesher. Caribou hide is very thin compared to other animals that size and will cut through easily. If you have a round knife, it would be better and if you don't I don't know if you even need to shave the hide. The bottom lip pad needs to be extra thin and make sure you are careful around those hairy nostrils. Otherwise, a piece of cake if you're comfortable with deer.


This response submitted by dave on 1/13/00. ( )

thanks for the feedback george! i will go in the shop and give this info a try!!!

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