Help with the tear duct on big game

Submitted by Kip on 1/11/00. ( )

What is the proper way to do the tear duct? For some reason on my heads I'm having trouble with it opening after drying time. Is it in the thinning of the tear duct? Is it in the tucking? Help!

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tear ducts

This response submitted by Merv on 1/12/00. ( )

Hi Kip!I just read a post in the deer archives that should help you.Check Deer forum archives spring '99 and there is a tear duct post made on 6/22/99.There are some good tips in there that should help you out.

Tear Ducts

This response submitted by Kip on 1/12/00. ( )

Thanks for you help with the tear ducts. The information was very helpful. This is the first time I've used the forum and feel it's a great place to get help.

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