Antelope slipping

Submitted by Rob on 1/21/00. ( )

I'm working on my sixth antelope and all of then have had some degree of slippage. I salt each hide after caping and get them wet tanned at a reputable tannery as soon as they are dry. When I recieve them from the tannery I freeze them and then thaw them as I get to them. I rehydrate them with Basacryl NB-KU and salt. Sometimes I notice slippage when I pull them out of the rehydrate. Sometimes it slips after I get them mounted. I have tried Stop-Slip without great results. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance. Rob

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Re-hydrate a wet tan??

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 1/21/00. ( )

I don't know about everyone else but I have NEVER had to re-hydrate a wet tan. That is the whole point of wet tanning. Rob stop re-hydrating and that should help. Wet tans are ready to mount except for maybe spraying the skin side with a little H2O.

Are you in Antelpoe country?

This response submitted by Lars on 1/22/00. ( )

What I'm getting at ,is, are they fresh at the time of capeing, or have they traveled half way across the country in somebody's idea of a cooler? Antelope can be rather fragile anyway. See if the hair roots are black when they come out. That would mean Bacteria set in before you got them. Sometimes they make it thru the tanning process fine and do their Hair-slip "thing" later. But, 4 in a row? I would stop any heavy or long term Rehydrating as Jim suggests.


This response submitted by Rob on 1/25/00. ( )

I'm in about 3 hours from antelope country but most of the hunters are pretty good about taking care of thier critters. I have not noticed any black coloring at the base of the hair.I used the wrong term I guess. I soak the hide for about 1 hr prior to mounting. Some of the hides I used were full tans that I had to buy ( Client Paid) those hides I did rehydrate for a few hours then put in fridge overnight. Thanks for the help I'll be more careful about soaking. Thanks again.

Where is the...

This response submitted by Steve Rotramel on 1/25/00. ( )

slippage? You didn't mention the glands under the jawline; are you getting those opened before you salt? If not they will nearly always slip no matter how carefully you handle them.

Maybe a dumb question but....

This response submitted by Dave on 1/28/00. ( )

Hey Rob,
I don't know how much experience you have but... Are you rehydrating with cold water??? When I first started working with tanned hides I would get them out of the freezer and stick them in warm water to thaw them quickly......after calling the tannery and making a complete jackass out of myself, I found out why my capes were slipping. Don't mean to offend you, but, you sound allot like me!!!

There are no dumb ?'s here (are there?)

This response submitted by Rob on 1/29/00. ( )

The slipage is random. Neck front and back armpits,brisket,ect. I soak the hides in cold water. And yes I open up the glands before salting.Thanks again. Rob

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