Adjusting hide after dried

Submitted by Jack on 1/25/00. ( )

I have a bobcat that I mounted 4-6 months ago. My question is can I change the eye expression and ear placement by rehydrating the head. I used critter clay and hide paste around the eyes, and ear liners with hide paste on the ears. The ears were attached with critter clay also. I decided that I did not like the facial expression. I figured that it was to late but thought I would ask and maybe one of you had some way of fixing it. Thanks!!

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Tanned or Dried Preserved

This response submitted by Brent Gorman - Dirty Creek Taxidermy & Tannery on 1/26/00. ( )

Jack, yes there is a way of adjusting the eye's, ear's maybe. This depends on if it was tanned or dry preserved. If it has been tanned it will be easier to rehydrate it. If it has been dried preserved it will be "almost" imposible because of the locking up the fiber of the hide. If tanned, get a sponge soaked in water and ring out and lay over cat then take a towel and lay over it. It will take approx. 24 hrs. Now if you want to try the method I have used with dry preserve you would take some water, add fabric softner approx. 1 ounce per gallon, put it in a spray bottle and spray on cat lay a damp sponge over it, put a plastic bag over it and see what you've got in 24 hrs.

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