need advice how to patch velvet antlers

Submitted by john coombs on 1/27/00. ( )

One of my customers asked me today if I knew of a good way to patch
velvet antlers He had said he did not like the flock method. So I
am coming to you all in cyber land for some sugestions on velvet
antler repair. Thanks John Coombs 1-800-818-7232

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Reseach manikins

This response submitted by Frank on 1/28/00. ( )

Have you checked with Research Mannikins. They have a process there for putting on velvet.

that would be my guess too..

This response submitted by Perry on 1/28/00. ( )

I would try Research Mannikins. I dont know if they can just "Patch"
a bald spot. They may have to remove the velvet and do the whole set.

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