pronghorn shedding

Submitted by deer woman on 2/4/00. ( )

I got in a pronghorn mount that is a few years to maybe 10 years old, to clean up. Part of the fur is rubbing off on it, flaking like dust. What is causing the brittle hair to get more brittle like this, and is there anything i can do to stabalize it? The guy who bought it in does not know who mounted it or when, or how it was stored, as he bought it from some guy. Thanks for any responses!

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This response submitted by jim marsico on 2/4/00. ( )

Trow it away after getting the horns and mount him with a new cape. The mount has bugs or wasnt tanned or both. If you try and fix it your name will then be a part of the problem. If the customer dosnt want to spend the money give it back to him.


This response submitted by Ken Wampner on 2/4/00. ( )

Deer Woman never said that the hair looked faded. This sounds like someone left the antlope hanging where sunlight could get to it. I've seen several trophies with this condition...where the hair just becomes real brittle. In any case Jim Marsico is right. The hide is unsalvagable and should be replaced with a new one.

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