Shed Connectors for Elk

Submitted by Mark on 2/4/00. ( )

I have really enjoyed the versatility of deer shed connectors but the Elk shed connectors have been really difficult. I am working on a 340 class elk and cannot seem to make things work. I know these are not as adjustable and part of the problem seems to be there is not enough distance between pedicals. I have two other elk racks laying nearby to use as referance but still having trouble. Any suggestions or experience with these?

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Antler pegs...

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 2/7/00. ( )

Try McKenzie's Detachable Pegs, $13,00 ea (you'll need 2). Drill into the antler, secure the round end in, the square end in the mannikin head. It makes it easier to transport the mount, especially elk & caribou that won't fit through a door.

elk mount wanted

This response submitted by mike brassett on 2/11/00. ( )

want to purchase elk shoulder mount 6 by 6 or better

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