Black Bear Fleshing

Submitted by L M on 1/31/00. ( )

I need some pointers on fleshing a black bear for a shoulder mount. I've never seen so much fat and grease on one. My fleshing blade and beam doesn't seem to work at all. It just slides over the fat. What do I do??? Also what degreaser works best when I get to that point?
Thanks, L M

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This response submitted by Glenn on 1/31/00. ( )

Nothing worse then a fat greasey bear unless it's a garage load of
raccoon that have to be skinned, fleshed and put up on stretchers. I
found out years ago that the best way to get around the slippery fat
is to let it chill up. I'd leave the 'coon in the round for a day
before skinning when I could. If I had to get them skinned fresh I'd
let the skins hang where it was cold. The fat sets up and it's much
easier to get the knife to bite in without slipping. You could also
sprinkle a little borax on to get a better bite. Hope this helps you


Water proofing your boots...

This response submitted by Leanna on 1/31/00. ( )

Try using a smaller knife. I use an old timer...although make sure it's extremely sharp. It's only a six inch long blade, but I swear by it. I never could get that darn fleshing knife to work. It's all what you prefer to use though. The VERY best of luck to you!

Not sure about a degreaser..I send my bear to the tannery after salting and drying.

Try sawdust...

This response submitted by Craig on 1/31/00. ( )

I always save my old sawdust just for this procedure. Spinkle it on and it really makes the knife bite. It also allows you to keep a firm grip on the hide. You think bears have a lot of fat, you should flesh a wild boar.

Make sure you are scraping with the roots of the hair and not against them. Makes the job a whole lot easier. Degreasing is done after fleshing, pickling and shaving, but prior to tanning. The skin is thinnest at this stage allowing the degeaser to penetrate and work the best.


This response submitted by Tom K. on 1/31/00. ( )

Rittles Super Solvent works good. I just tanned a small Black Bear and I used it just before the pickle and in the pickle . WASCO sells it. Goodluck.............Tom


This response submitted by Rollie on 2/2/00. ( )

I always throw my bears in old pickel overnite.A good fleshing knife with a"rough cut" does a great job.Just make sure its bloddy sharp.

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