Pronghorn Head Mount STINKS!!! Help!

Submitted by Brent A. Zorner on 1/31/00. ( )

I just got my antelope head mount back, and it smells the same as it did the day I shot it!! I can live with it, but my wife and dog are not quite so willing to overlook the "overpowering" odor. Is there anything I can do to eliminate this smell, without making all of the hair fall out? Any help appreciated!!

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Pronghorn musk

This response submitted by rc on 1/31/00. ( )

Brent, if your antelope smells it could be because of 2 different reasons. 1- the taxidermist failed to remove the antler sheaths from the skull and clean out the meat. to fix this will take some knowledge about un-mounting the horns. 2- the taxidermist did not properly clean or flesh out the glands on the neck under the jawline.To fix this you might try saturating and scrubbing the area with methanol for 15 - 20 minutes. Cover-up scents and bacteria killers will not work. skunk oder clean might help a little.

Question the guy/gal that did the mounting

This response submitted by L on 1/31/00. ( )

Give your taxidermist a call, and pose your concerns to him. He should be able to remedy this for you at no additional cost, as it sounds as though something was neglected that shouldn't have been in the first place. Good luck to you.

WHat did you pay for the mount?

This response submitted by John C on 2/1/00. ( )

I feel form what you have said here, You price shopped. went for the cheap mount. Even with home tans then glad is removed.

I think your tax. was inexperienced with Pronghorn.

These glands can generally be opend up to a depth of about 3/8 of an inch sometimes more. There is nothing that will remove the musk. If the tax failed to clean the horns you will know in a few months as bugs will infest it and the sheath will slip off.

Sounds a lot like a powder jockey job here.

May we ask where you live? Good luck John C

Time will tell

This response submitted by Brian on 2/1/00. ( )

Brent,If the scent glands are doin' the stinkin' he may not have washed the hair well


This response submitted by B on 2/1/00. ( )

enough in the gland area. Once pickled it'll be set in there pretty well. I found that out first hand on the first couple of "goats" I mounted. You could try cover scents But it'll take a while (year or better) to go away, Don't tell your wife that though!


This response submitted by JJ on 2/2/00. ( )

If the musk glands under the black eye patches were not dealt with-this mount is ruined. I would insist your hacksidermist pay for a remount. Id be glad to perform this for you. If interested e-mail me I can send a photo of my lope work. Hopefully the smell will dissapate but I would not hold my breath- checkthat , you may have to hold your breath. Give it some time if its a slight perfumey smell that just lingers in the air. That may just be in the hair. If its in the glands though- sorry you got a poor mount. Your guy may be good, just inexperienced at antelope. There is no other animal like it on earth

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